Cut and Pitched Roofing

Roof replacement and construction

We provide a range of quality services when it comes to roofing carpentry. Whether you need your roof replaced or you require a new one built, we have got the solution for you.

Cut and pitch roofs are solid, reliable and easily convertible should you wish to use the space in the future. We cut the timber on site and build it up using joists, rafters, ridge boards, hips and valleys, purlins and fitting facias and soffits.

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Gable roofs are great for giving extra space and aesthetics, not only this but they are great for ventilation and can really give character to your home.

They are constructed with two sloping sides and a gable at each end. The sloped style roof is great for rainwater runoff, making it durable against all weather conditions.

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Hip roofs are similar to Gable roofs but instead of having a gable at each end, all four sides of the roof are sloped. This is one reason why they are considered to be more stable and even better runoff from rainwater or snow.






Flat roofs are as you can imagine - flat! They are generally cheaper due to the materials that are used and can be great for saving more space both inside the home and out.

You can use the external space for air conditioning units, solar panels or even create your own rooftop garden!




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