First & Second Fixes

First Fix

A 'first fix' refers to structural work that generally takes place before another service (like plumbing, electrician etc) is required.

We have a number of first fix services that we offer, not limited to:

 * Timber Stud Partition Walls

* Door Framings and linings

* Window Boards

* Pipe Casings

* Staircases

* Windows and external frames

* Floor Joists and Decking

Second Fix

A 'second fix' refers to work that takes place once the structural materials are in place and any other required work (such as plumbing or electrics) have been done.

Here is a list of second fix services we offer but not limited to:

* Hanging Doors

* Locks and latches

* Architrave & Skirting Boards

* Staircase balustrade

We are well experienced in providing all first and second fix carpentry work, whether it's a small fix for a one-off property or providing new build properties with an entire carpentry solution.

Looking for something different?

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